Talk at work. Is it worth talking about pregnancy at work?

The closest are already in the know! Yes, and "neblizkim" you for joy told about your wonderful event ... Someone from colleagues in the know.

“And only one person will know the last about everything” - you think. Scary to tell the boss. “No director loves moms! And they took me to work with the condition “5 years of no decrees” ... What to do? ”- it’s spinning in your head day after day.

Download the weekly pregnancy calendar checklist, and follow the development of your baby!

Download the weekly pregnancy calendar checklist, and follow the development of your baby

No one will force you to do this , even the Labor Code of the Russian Federation (the basic law, which spells out your labor rights and obligations). But you have to decide for yourself what is more important.

You can delay a five-minute “scary” conversation for a couple of months and hide the growing tummy behind wide blouses. Sooner or later your “interesting” position will become obvious. And the “scary man” will still be in the know. Learning earlier and personally from you will be more pleasant for him than guessing yourself. The boss will have more time to think about how to build a job in the absence of a valuable employee. And just humanly, he will be pleased with your trust. In return, you will be able to enjoy the benefits and privileges at work.

Before you tell the manager about your pregnancy, see if there is an employment contract signed by him.

How to combine work and pregnancy without compromising the career and the baby?

Some organizations practice “black” employment . Employees are not contracted in writing. All working conditions (duties, salary, bonuses, work schedule) are stipulated orally and are not recorded anywhere. The company is profitable. She does not pay insurance premiums for compulsory pension, social and medical insurance. But workers in such a situation are completely powerless. Remember, in the case of pregnancy, you risk being out of work, and without due payments!

There is another option - “gray” employment . The employer signs employment contracts with employees. He does this in his “selfish” interests - officially employed employees bear material and disciplinary responsibility. But unlike the “white” employment, part of the salary is paid officially, the rest is “in the envelope”. Do not forget, all maternity allowances are calculated only from the official salary!

Therefore, it is in your interest to work officially with a completely “white” salary. This is the only way to ensure decent benefits for yourself. When employing, be sure to enter into a written contract and keep one copy.

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If you find yourself in a situation where there is no written employment contract, and an unscrupulous boss is trying to fire you, do not despair! Fight for your rights in all possible ways.

  1. Report to the State Labor Inspectorate. Its address in any region can be found on the Internet. Make a written appeal in free form or personally come to the reception. In the application, indicate all the facts about your work (position, duties, salary or method of its calculation, work schedule, place of work, name of other employees). Labor inspection experts will conduct an inspection. This is enough for the employer to get scared and give you all the required benefits, holidays and benefits.
  2. Go to the prosecutor's office. Submit the same application as the Labor Inspectorate, or go to a personal appointment. Feel free to contact any prosecutor. Her employees will send your application to the right one and tell you how to get there. Both bodies will review applications within 30 days and give a detailed written response. If you have not received anything, or have not arranged a response, appeal to him boldly.
  3. Seek protection of your rights in court . The statement of claim for the recognition of the employment contract as a prisoner, the granting of vacations and the payment of all the required maternity leave apply yourself or with the help of a lawyer. The lawsuit is considered by the district or city court. In a statement, do not make references to laws. The court itself knows them. Hire a representative to attend meetings. You will save yourself from having to go to court, meet with the chief and answer questions of the judge. After your victory, the boss compensates all expenses for the representative.

After your victory, the boss compensates all expenses for the representative

And if there are no documents about the work? No problem! Still file a lawsuit. There is always a chance to defend their rights.

Maria A. worked as a salesperson in the cosmetics department. She did not enter into an employment contract. "What for? And so pay the money. At any time you can quit without doing anything. Official salary? I'm not married. And I'm not going to decree! And if anything, agree. " A couple of years later, the girl met her “prince” and one day she learned that she would soon become a mother. She immediately told the boss. She asked what her maternity would be. The manager rudely asked Maria to not appear in the department anymore, but flatly refused to pay something. The girl did not lose her head and went to court. Sellers of neighboring departments took their side. They were witnesses and confirmed the words of Mary. By decision of the court, the boss is obligated to fully pay Mary for maternity leave and compensate for non-pecuniary damage. After the birth of the baby, she will pay child care allowance up to 1.5 years. For the girl remains her workplace. If desired, Maria will be able to return to the department after the decree.

Long-awaited decree: who, when and how much

When there is a written employment contract, everything is much simpler. Feel free to inform your superiors about your pregnancy.

  • If you work in a small company , the relations with the management are good, and such news is treated with understanding - calmly approach the boss and tell him.
  • If you work in a large organization , state institution, or a relationship with a boss strained - write a statement addressed to the director and attach a pregnancy certificate from a female consultation center. Write the application in two identical copies or remove a copy. The original is submitted to the personnel department or office. One sheet will be accepted. On the second mark will be received. It must include the date, signature, name and position of the recipient. Keep this copy of the application.

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Since the growing tummy will quickly reveal your secret to the boss, you don’t have to hide your “interesting” position from it for a long time. Tell before he will notice. He will feel your trust, and it will be easier for you to work. If the unscrupulous director tries to get rid of you, do not worry! Do not forget, you are now responsible not only for yourself! Protect your rights and material well-being of your baby!

And how did you tell the director about the pregnancy? Did you have to defend your rights to benefits or “going on maternity leave” was peaceful and calm?

School for pregnant - a great way to prepare for the birth of a baby

What to do?
How to combine work and pregnancy without compromising the career and the baby?
And if there are no documents about the work?
What for?
Official salary?
And how did you tell the director about the pregnancy?
Did you have to defend your rights to benefits or “going on maternity leave” was peaceful and calm?
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